Friday, June 20, 2008

Polish Prodigy Podcast #1

Give a listen as my brother Mark and I discuss the US Open, Penguins hockey, tennis, Pirates baseball and more.

To subscribe to the podcast, copy and paste this link ( into your iTunes under the "Advanced" menu. Click on "Subscribe to Podcast" and paste the above URL there. Enjoy!


Brian said...

Fine effort. I could have done without an hour and a half of tennis and hockey, though. What's next IRL?

Seriously, good job Gike brothers. What are you using to record?

Matt Gajtka said...


I appreciate your loyal readership/listenership! I'm just using some cheap microphone that my mom uses when she teaches computer class at a local grade school. I'll probably upgrade soon to a better model I saw at Radio Shack that is supposedly designed for podcasts.

As for the content...suggestions are always welcome! We're not what you call traditional sports fans, I guess you could say, but you like what you like. I actually meant to mention the NBA Finals and some more baseball, but we got to 45 minutes in a heartbeat and I had to squeeze in the Penguins talk before my self-imposed one-hour limit!

Brian said...

It actually doesn't sound bad.

And I like different content. The show passed the ever so crucial "get me through an hour of boring work with a smile on my face" test.