Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Blog Is Back In Town

Well, well, well. Much has occurred since the last time I contributed any new content to the blog universe. That'll happen when you don't update for around 100 days.

Here's an abridged list of events from the last 1/4 of the year 2008:
1. I left my internship with the WV Power baseball team.
2. I got a media relations/broadcasting job with the Fayetteville SwampDogs of the Coastal Plain League, a summer collegiate baseball league.
3. Moved to Fayetteville.
4. Found out working for my employers was an absolute living Hades, so I quit.
5. Moved back to 4012 Venable Ave., Apt. 302, Charleston, WV with my fiancee Jillian, who is still employed by the Power.
6. Lastly, and most importantly, the Penguins came two wins from the Stanley Cup, losing in six games to the impressive machine that is the Detroit Red Wings.

Anyway, and the Pensblog likes to put it, if you've come here for breaking news, you're an idiot. Or at least you were, because now that I'm unemployed, the bulk of my creative energies will begin to flow into this URL.

I have large plans for this humble blog, including the debut of the Polish Prodigy Podcast, coming very soon to an iPod or MP3 device near you. I went all the way to Fayetteville to get on the radio and get my voice heard, when all I had to do was start a podcast. Podcasting > most forms of broadcasting simply because you have no boss and can subsequently talk about whatever you want. I say "most forms of broadcasting" (did I just quote myself?) because Lord knows if a hockey play-by-play job was offered to me, I'd snap that baby up. Just sayin'.

Anyway, once I get the logistics of said podcast worked out, you can look forward to my voice available for subscription, an exciting thought if there ever was one. Wow, is the sarcasm ever dripping off that last sentence. In all seriousness though, I'd love to have your feedback once I get the podcast up and humming so I can make it as enjoyable as possible while still satisfying my ego, which on last check is still alive and hungry.

As far as podcast content is concerned, my guests (that's right, there will be other voices on this thing) and I will discuss sports of course, but I wouldn't rule out forays into the realm of "general interest" subjects and various forms of entertainment/pop culture.

Until the next time...this is Matt signing off. You stay classy, planet Earth.


Jennifer said...

I did a project on podcasting last semester so I'm all for hearing your voice! Muah

Matt Gajtka said...

I may be asking you for tips then! Might give you a call this weekend.

Thanks for reading!

Brian said...

Can't wait to hear your amazing voice.

canthang said...
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